15 Different FUN and EASY ways to teach children, of all ages, about Hajj!

My children are 2, 6, 8, and 11 years old, so one of my challenges as a parent is figuring how to teach each of my children about Islam so that it’s easy and fun for them! When it came time to teach my children about Hajj, I wanted them to enjoy the learning process, but also get a good grasp of what it means for Muslims to perform this holy pilgrimage.

So today, I will be sharing some of the activities we have incorporated into our Hajj learning process! 

Learning Styles

The first step, as a parent, is to figure out which learning style your children learn best from. Below is a list of different learning styles you can refer to:

  • Visual– spatial, using pictures and images
  • Aural– auditory, using sound
  • Verbal– linguistic, using words
  • Physical– kinesthetic, using your body and hands
  • Social– interpersonal, learning in groups
  • Solitary– intrapersonal, learning best alone

Use your child’s learning style as a guide when preparing for teaching them about Hajj and other Islamic topics.


There are so many methods you can use to teach children about Hajj, so be creative and select as many methods you think your children will love!

1. Conversation

The number one question I get is how do you start teaching your children about Hajj. I find that most parents feel overwhelmed and they just don’t know when and how to teach their children about this topic. As a mom myself, I can completely relate to these feelings.

My suggestion would be to start at a very basic level when your children are able to understand basic concepts (this age will vary for each child, but typically 4 years old is a good age). For instance tell your children that Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and that if you are financially able to perform Hajj then it’s a must for you as Muslim to perform this holy pilgrimage. 

2. Hajj Videos

YouTube videos are a great way for children, of any age, to learn about the process of Hajj- especially for visual learners! For younger children, use animated videos that are easy to understand, such as this one.

3. Hajj Books

I love that there are many books about Hajj, a great one is “Going to Mecca” by Na’ima Roberts

4. Hajj Colouring Pages

Children of all ages, particularly from the younger age group, love to colour! Colouring is a great way to have fun and learn at the same time. You can find some Hajj related colouring sheets here.

5. Hajj Map

Children in the older age group, around 7 years old and plus, can use a Hajj map to learn more about the process of Hajj. I love this cut and paste map, which is great for visual and kinesthetic learners!

6. Hajj Word Search

I was one of those children that loved word searches (I still do!), and my kids love them too! Here is a Hajj related word search we found!

7. Step-by-Step Guide

Depending on your children’s age, you can go as much in depth as you prefer when it comes to explaining or showing them a step-by-step guide of Hajj. I found this to be a great resource for older children, and this one for younger children.

8. The Ihraam

Showing children an ihraam and how to wear it is another way to learn about Hajj, as they are learning the dress code, which is an important factor when performing Hajj. 

9. Hearing Personal Hajj Stories

My children’s grandma stayed with us for a few months a couple of years ago, and they loved hearing about her Hajj experience. Not only is this method a great bonding experience, but it also gives children an opportunity to ask questions from someone who has been to Hajj.

10. Setting Up Tents

Setting up and having your children stay in a tent gives them an idea of how it’s like to stay in a tent in Mina while performing Hajj. Super fun! 

11. Hajj Terminology 

Create flashcards, or print these ones out, and give them to your children to help them learn the Hajj terminology!

12. Hajj Facts Game

For older children that already know about Hajj but you just want to refresh their memory, you can have them participate in a Hajj Fact game where you ask Hajj related questions and whoever gets the answer right wins a prize, so it’s fun and interactive approach.

13. Teaching Talbiyyah

Help you children to recite the Talbiyah. They can repeat after you and also listen to a video like this

14. Hajj Poem

Encourage your children to come up with a Hajj poem or even a song.

15. Hajj Presentation

Gather a group of children and assign each child to do a presentation related to the rituals and history of Hajj. Next, have each child present their findings to the group and encourage them to be as thorough and as in depth as possible. This would be a great activity for children in the older age group!



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