November to January seem to be the busiest months for shoppers, as there are many great sales to take advantage of. I usually do most of my shopping in these months myself! With that said, it can be really easy to fall into the trap of unhealthy habits while shopping, so today I’m sharing five tips that will help you stay on track health-wise when you go shopping! 


BLACK FRIDAY and BOXING DAY tips to help you stay on track health-wise!


5 Health Tips for Shoppers


1. Cook before you head out, so that you have a healthy meal to eat when you get back from shopping. Either cook the day before or before you leave for your shopping trip!


2. Bring a water bottle with you to help you stay hydrated. Also remember that often times we mistake thirst for hunger, but really all we need is more water and not food sometimes!


3. Eat before you go to the mall, so you aren’t hungry while shopping and tempted to go to the food court. If you have to go to the food court, then try to buy healthy options like a salad with low-fat or no dressing at all or a veggie sandwich on whole wheat bread. 


4. Pack a healthy snack and put it in your handbag or backpack in case you do get hungry. Some great options are dried fruit and nuts. 


5. Park far from the shopping centre, this will increase your distance to the entrance door and is a good way to get your cardio in! Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes that won’t cause you back pain while you walk in the mall! 


Happy Shopping my friends! 


Peace and Love,

Sumaira Z

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