5 Things I'm doing for my MENTAL HEALTH this summer as a MOM

As a mom, I know how my summers can be all about my children, so much so, that it can be easy to forget about myself! I’m usually in the kitchen at least 25 times a day giving the kids snacks, cooking for them and constantly cleaning up after them. Not to mention, so much of my time is spent driving the kids to the library, festivals, or parks, so that I can avoid hearing the words, “I’m bored!!!” as much as I can.

I know summers are for kids to have fun, but mama, please don’t forget to give yourself some time too! With that said, here are 5 things I’m doing for my mental health this summer as a mom: 

1. I plan to wake up before the kids get up in the morning and drink my chai outside on my patio. Nothing beats drinking chai in the morning, with the sounds of birds chirping! 

I’m often the first one in the kitchen, with my duties being trying to soothe a toddler who woke up on the wrong side of the bed, making french toast for a child who keeps asking if it’s done yet, and picking up cereal off of the floor. I’m also the one that eats breakfast last, which includes lukewarm chai and cold toast. Yeah, not the most ideal morning, I know! 

This is why one of my summer goals is to get up at least 10 minutes before the kids and get in that me-time before my day starts. 


2. Going for a walk outside, BY MYSELF. Getting fresh air makes the biggest difference! 

We usually go on family walks together, and we still will this summer. But, there’s something about going on a walk by yourself and having time to fully enjoy nature, without worrying about a toddler running off, or trying to calm your child down (who’s crying because there’s a bug on his arm)- it’s definitely more relaxing, I’d say!

5 things I'm doing for my mental health as a mom


3. I’m going to be cooking quick and simple meals, so that I have more time in the day to enjoy my hobbies (writing and summer diy projects). 

The Mina Halal Chicken Tikka Bites are my go-to for summer cooking, as the chicken comes in pieces that have already been marinated; this means that all I have to do is cook them for a few minutes and that’s it! No cutting anything and sanitizing any cutting boards- yes!!! Serve these tikka bites with rice, make wraps with them, or put them in salads!

Mina Halal Chicken Tikka Bites

Mina Halal Chicken Tikka Bites

Mina Halal Chicken Tikka Bites


4. Having an entire day dedicated to myself! I’m getting excited just thinking about this one!

As a mom of four and with a husband who works 7 days a week, I’m always with the kids, and as much as I love it, I do need some one-on-one time for myself.

I’m planning to drop off my kids to grandma’s house and have an entire day to myself. There are sooo many things I could do like, treat myself to brunch, get a haircut and a massage, explore the beautiful walking trails in my city, attend an art class, and of course retail therapy is always a good idea!  


5. Wear more than two outfits (laughs nervously). 

I’m guilty of living in my summer uniform for two months, this uniform consists of pj pants and a t-shirt. When I go out in public, I’ll usually change into my other uniform which is black jersey palazzo pants and a the same grey long sleeve shirt with flip flops.

I recently cleaned out my closet (OMG it was such a mess and took me an entire day to sort everything!), and rediscovered so many cute clothing pieces that were forgotten about. Some of the pieces still have tags on them! Cleaning out my closet has motivated me to put together summer outfits that I’m promising myself to wear because here’s the thing: just changing out of your pj’s and putting on a bright colorful maxi dress uplifts your mood instantly! 

5 things I'm doing for my mental health as a mom


Wishing you all a summer filled with fun times, beautiful memories, and relaxing days in the sun!

Peace and Love,

Sumaira Z

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