As a mom of four children, I’m always looking for ways to make my life easier and less stressful, and I’m happy to say that I have learned a few tips over the years that have helped me and my family tremendously. So, if you are a parent looking for a little help today, keep reading to find out what my tips are!

5 ways to make your life easier as a parent

5 ways to make your life EASIER as a parent

Keep everyone on the same page

I don’t know about you, but my kids will ask a million and one questions about our day, like what we are going to eat, are we going to leave the house today and if so where are we going and when, who’s coming over, when they can do crafts, if we are going to bake today, and so on! No joke, the questions keep coming all day and night!

This is why writing a schedule for my family makes my life easier and less stressful! Everyone knows what’s going to happen and when, hence we are all on the same page. So, I advise you to write down a schedule and put it in a place where everyone can see it. P.S don’t forget to schedule in those appointments!

Use any shortcut you can

Shortcuts exist for a reason and that is to make your life easier! I love using shortcuts, especially in the kitchen, to decrease my meal cooking time. Here are three ways you can use shortcuts in the kitchen:

  • Ask your butcher to cut up your meat, so that you can skip this step at home
  • Buy lettuce and spinach that is already chopped up in a package, this makes it faster to throw together a salad as a side dish!
  • Use garlic and ginger paste instead of spending time peeling garlic! I use Shan’s Ginger Garlic Paste when I can and it has been a huge timesaver for me! Shan is well known for their wide variety of spice mixes, but they also carry other items such as the Ginger Garlic Paste, so why not use it to make your life a little easier! My family and I have been using Shan spice mixes for years now, and they are our go-to for preparing tasty and easy dishes; I was so excited to find out they make a ginger-garlic paste too! I prefer to cook some chicken breast in olive oil with salt and pepper, a splash of lemon juice, and some of Shan’s Ginger Garlic Paste. I will use this chicken in my salads and wraps throughout the week for our family lunches- so good!


Encourage your children to help out

I know, I know- children take forever when they do chores and they don’t do a great job sometimes, BUT, with practise they will become better and faster! There are many benefits to children helping out with chores, for example it gives them a sense of responsibility, helps develop their skills, and makes them feel like they are an important and contributing member of the household.

Some chores my children enjoy doing are setting the table, dusting, organizing their rooms (okay…they don’t enjoy doing this, but I make them do it anyways haha), and helping with meal prep.

5 ways to make your life easier as a parent


Keep the kids busy!

Have a list of activities your kids can refer to, so when they tell you they are bored they can select an activity to do from that list. Here’s an example of a list you can use:

Know your capacity

Make your life easier by not taking on too much as a parent; recognize what you are able and not able to do and stay within your capacity. Try not to make too many commitments and realize that it’s okay to say no when you need to. It’s important to make time for yourself and your children, so don’t be so busy that you forget to schedule in me time and family time!


I hope these tips will help you as much as they have helped me over the last few years of parenting!


Peace and Love,

Sumaira Z


(This is a sponsored post, however all opinions and ideas expressed are purely my own)

11 comments on “5 ways to make your life EASIER as a parent”

  1. So basic and helpful, Sumaira. My problem area is managing time. I’ll in sha Allah b writing down how I want to spend it.

    Lots of organization required at my end! Your blog post couldn’t have come at a more apt time !

    May Allah bless u wt success and ease always lovely. Ameen 💕

  2. Fantastic tips,I love shortcuts too. I like the way you are so organised by having a schedule for the family its a good way of also teaching the kids to be organised for the day

  3. Agree re shortcuts!! Makes life easier. Although I use the paste in my cooking to save time I honestly feel like nothing beats the flavour of freshly peeled ingredients.

    I love that list of activities for when they say they are bored..might print something like that out and give it to them!

  4. I love your list of activities the little ones can do if they’re bored and that it doesn’t include going on the iPad or watching YouTube/TV! It allows them to be creative, use their brain power as well be active!

  5. You are right! Keeping everyone on the same page is important. I should remember this when my kids are a little older. For now no escaping the stream of questions.and yes having premade ginger garlic paste is a godsend! Alhamdulillah!

  6. Really handy tips! Planning ahead helps so much. I really like the list of things you have got there for ideas for children to do. Getting the children to help is a must!
    Instead of getting store bought pastes you can also make the paste ahead and freeze it in cubes. Another added activity for children to help peel the garlic 😉 my children love the sensory experience

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