I recently had a dua come true in the most unexpected and sudden way that it blew my mind. In fact, I still can’t believe it happened!

I’m so D-O-N-E!

It was a tough day of parenting, the kids were arguing with each other constantly, the toddler was being clingy, the dishes in the sink kept piling up, as was the snow in our backyard. I was tired, irritated, and so D-O-N-E. I went upstairs to escape the noise and the mess, but I couldn’t get away. Upstairs led to an even more disaster compared to the main floor, and the kids followed right behind me, still arguing! Ugh! 

The phone rang, I picked it up to hear my husband’s voice on the other end; he was at the grocery store asking me if I needed anything from there. “Yeah, I need a vacation. Away from the kids!” I replied back. We both laughed it off, but deep down we both knew that’s exactly what I needed. Desperately. My husband responded back by saying he knew I was going through a lot and that he didn’t know how I did this everyday. The truth is, some days I don’t even know how I do it. He also acknowledged the fact that I did need a break of some sort and he felt bad because it just wasn’t possible for me to go on a vacation by myself right now, for there would be no one to watch the children while I’d be away, as he had a couple of clients he was working with at the moment and he couldn’t take time off of work. With my husband being our main source of income for our family of six and him being self-employed, I completely understood our situation and was okay with it. I ended our conversation by telling him to buy a few things for the home and hung up the phone.

I can’t believe this is happening!

Fast forward to about two weeks later, I get a call from my sister telling me that she is going to watch my children while I go on vacation. Wait…what?! I’m confused! It turns out, one of my sisters, currently living in Australia, is going to pay for my mom’s vacation and she wants me to come with my mom. The plan is for my mom and I to meet my sister, her husband, and their daughter at the destination, and everything will be paid for by my sister and her husband. Is this really happening? My initial response was that I wouldn’t be able to go, I mean, I couldn’t just leave my family for a week and go on vacation!!!! What would happen to them without me! Moreover, I was more concerned for my youngest child, for he had never been separated from me and is with me day and night (we even co-sleep!!!). After rejecting this plan of me going with my mom a million times, somehow I ended up agreeing to everything and the tickets were booked the next day. Oh my God, I was going on vacation for an entire week- without the kids!!!! The destination? FIJI!!!!!

Not as easy as it seems

I want to tell you that from there on it was easy, that I just simply packed my bags and left with a huge smile on my face, but I would be lying through my teeth. Having anxiety, I felt uneasy about leaving my children, I was concerned about getting everything done (the cleaning, packing, and cooking) in such a short amount of time, and I had major mom guilt because the day of the departure flight was the same day that two of my children would have their winter concert at their school, which meant that I would miss their performances. To make matters worse, I had a blog related deadline that I had already agreed to, and there was an uncertainty of if I would even be able to fulfil this deadline. The entire time, my sisters and my husband kept reassuring me that everything would be fine and that this is exactly what I needed, so I shouldn’t stress…but I just couldn’t help it.

When I had told my children that I was going to go on vacation for a week, I received mixed reactions. My oldest daughter thought I was joking, my younger daughter started crying and shouted, “I don’t want you to go mama, don’t go!!!” Meanwhile, my older son was silently fighting back his tears, and my younger son had no clue what was happening. Cue the mom guilt again!!!

The day of the flight had come and this time it was me fighting back my tears as I was saying goodbye to my kids. Although I was sad, I knew that all of this was God answering my prayers, of giving me a much needed break after 11 years of parenting, of giving me the gift or recharging. I was thankful and full of gratitude. As soon as my mom and I reached the airport, I was overcome with a sense of calmness and peace that I didn’t expect at all. It actually felt really nice! All of my stress and my panicked thoughts just drifted away! Truly, this feeling of calmness was another gift from God.

Arriving in Fiji

My mom and I arrived in Fiji where we were met with intense heat, but I embraced it, as I prefer the sun over the Canadian winter windchill anytime! I was in awe of Fiji’s beauty and the nature we were surrounded by everywhere we went. The people in Fiji were so friendly and hospitable, the restaurants we visited all provided halal food, our hotel rooms were stunning with incredible views, we had fun hiking, going on boats and in submarines, hanging out at the beach, and eating fresh locally grown fruit! Most importantly I was reunited with my sister and my niece who I hadn’t seen in months! Needless to say, I had the best time exploring Fiji with my family and felt so refreshed by the end of the week. I also got to sleep alone in a bed everyday of the vacation, which is a big deal for me, since I have been co-sleeping with my kids for the last 6 years!

a dua come true

A dua come true

a dua come true



A dua come true

A dua come true

A dua come true

A dua come true

A dua come true

I have witnessed many of my duas coming true before, but this one just caught me off guard! For one thing, I didn’t think a vacation was possible for me due to our financial situation, so for my sister and brother in law to cover all costs for one was just incredible. Furthermore, I’m not the one to ask someone for help, so there was no way I was going to ask any of my sisters or my sister in law to take care of my children while I was gone; but, I didn’t even have to ask, for they volunteered to do so on their own (a huge thank you to them!). I’m still shocked at how this all came about, but I know that God’s plans are always the best of ALL plans and I’m glad that these plans included a tropical vacation for me at a time where I needed it the most!

If there is one message I could leave with you all today, it would be to know that God can make the impossible possible, so always have trust and faith in His plans.

Peace and Love always,

Sumaira Z

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, Sumaira! I ws so curious to find out the dua that got answered and hurriedly came on your blog to read !

    Ma sha Allah I am now feeling like I have had a relaxing vacation without kids after reading your post 😂.. I’m truly truly happy that you got this break, my sweet sis. I understand that you completely deserve it.

    May Allah answer all your jayaz prayers. And bless you with abundant happiness. Ameen 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘

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