As a mama to four children living in Canada, I really want to make Ramadan memorable for my family. This year, my children are 10, 7, 5, and 2 years old, so the challenge is to make sure each child from each age group is excited for Ramadan!

How to have a memorable Ramadan with children


Pre-Ramadan Workshop

This year, I wanted to host a pre-Ramadan party, or get-together, where my children could invite their friends and do Ramadan related crafts together. BUT, this mama was too stressed and tired from mama duties to plan such a get-together; SO, instead I registered my three older children in a pre-Ramadan workshop at a nearby Islamic center. The kids were so excited for the workshop! They ended up making a lantern, prayer beads, Ramadan greeting cards, a frame, and they received balloons, a coloring sheet, and a Ramadan activity book to complete during the holy month!


We were also gifted a Ramadan Activity box from my friend Sara, which my kids are really excited about using during Ramadan!


I’m going to tell you all a little secret- my Ramadan decor stays up for the whole year and no one even notices! The year-round decor consists of black lanterns and star lights, which are perfect for Ramadan and even for Eid! So, that’s my mama hack for you all- buy decor that you can keep up all year-round and that way when Ramadan comes around, you don’t have to worry about buying the decor, it’s already bought and up for display haha! This year, I have also printed and cut up a Ramadan banner from Sidra Art Boutique and we will be framing her countdown to Eid printable as well. I feel that each year, I decorate enough that my children don’t expect a lot, but they are still excited and know that Ramadan is arriving!

Getting my children involved

I try to focus on my children experiencing the blessings of Ramadan and wanting them to feel like they are gaining something positive and special during this holy month.

To prepare my children for Ramadan, we have family discussions and reminders about what this month is really about ahead of time. I let the children decide if they want to fast for either a full day on the weekend or half a day, and we let them join us for suhoor and iftar. During iftar, each child get’s a plate with their favorite foods, and they help set the table.  We all make dua together as a family before Iftar, and pray Maghrib together afterwards.

Since my oldest daughter is 10 years old, her task will be to write a story for each week of Ramadan that will have an important theme, like being kind to others and giving to charity.

I will be reading Noor Kids books to my younger children and going over the activities within those books with them. I love that each Noor Kids book has a life lesson for children to learn about, such as having patience, the importance of prayer, taking care of the environment, being honest, gratitude, and so on.

Lastly, my children and I will be going over which charity they would like to donate to and we will make a family donation to the chosen charity or charities. Being grateful for all of our blessings and giving to those in need is a fundamental lesson to teach children, and what better time to teach our children this lesson than in Ramadan!

A mom of four shares how she's planning to have a memorable Ramadan with her family

Praying you all have a Ramadan filled with peace and blessings! May all of your fasts, acts of worship, and duas be accepted and may you meet or exceed your spiritual goals!

Peace and Duas,

Sumaira Z


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