It’s official, I have moved to! Some of you have already noticed the change in my usernames on social media and I have been receiving many questions about about why I made this move.

I even had many of you express that you love my old name and miss it already! To be honest, I loved being known as ”The Muslimah Mommy,” and I truly feel like starting off with such a name was a huge blessing. Being ”The Muslimah Mommy” got me incredibly far within the writing world in such a short time, with my first biggest opportunity being writing an entire Muslimah Mommy series for Productive Muslim! I have zero regrets with how I started off and in fact, I’m amazed at how far I have come, considering the fact that I was an unknown 20 something year old with three children, residing in a city most of my followers had never heard of!

With that said, I became very comfortable with where I was in life, and I feel like being in a comfortable place wasn’t providing me with the personal growth I was searching for. It’s very easy to stay in a place of comfort, but it’s incredibly difficult to change the direction you are headed in. Undoubtedly, this transition makes me nervous, but excited at the same time- which is a good thing! At this point, I just have to fight the fear and live off the thrill of starting something new- and I’m ready for it!

This change is also a reflection of me wanting to get more personal with my online friends, as I feel it will be easier for others to connect with me if I have a username on social media that has my name in it. I’m all about connecting with my amazing online family and building a community consisting of positive and inspiring individuals, and this name changes make it easier for me to do just this.

So, what you can you expect from me with this new blog name? I will still be writing the same content that you all love and that has drawn you to my blog in the first place. However, I will be adding to the present content by publishing¬†new sections on my blog that will include more of my personal struggles and topics I’m passionate about. Moreover, I will be taking the leap and getting my feet wet in new projects, so stay tuned for all of the goodness!

I will also be moving away from a mommy blogger to becoming more of a lifestyle blogger with a focus on motherhood.

Thank you all for your continuous support, encouragement, and kindness!

Peace and love always,

Sumaira Z

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