My summer project this year was to create a backyard oasis on a budget; I’m so happy to say that not only did I come under budget, but I’m very pleased with how the entire space turned out! 

Background Story

We moved into this home about 6 years ago- I was a mom of three at that time and my youngest child was just 4 months old. Needless to say, the move itself was chaotic and not a smooth one at all, but we got through it! I started to slowly decorate the interior of our new home, however I found the process quite stressful, as I wasn’t finding everything that I wanted in terms of furniture and accent pieces. So, when it came to planning and designing my backyard space, I was nervous that it was also going to be stressful and a delayed process due to the possibility of not finding everything. BUT, I was wrong and I absolutely LOVED the entire process from start to finish! I was also able to find everything I was looking for and at a great price too!

The Before

As you can see, there wasn’t much happening on our deck before this makeover- there wasn’t even a chair to sit on- hence, why this makeover NEEDED to happen! The deck itself was already built by the builder when we had moved in, and it’s a good size to work with. Do note the lack of privacy- yes, that’s my neighbor’s house you see in the background! The lack of privacy and thinking of a solution was my biggest and most important issue that I wanted to tackle during this makeover, and I was so excited when I found a couple of solutions that were budget friendly!


Creating a backyard oasis on a budget


The overall look I was going for was rustic glam and I feel as though I really accomplished this with the design choices I made! The black and white stripes of the umbrella and outdoor rug, along with the gold accent pieces, really bring out the glam, while the burlap fabric added to the rustic feel of this space. Gold and green were my choices for my pops of color, and I love how these colors elevate the design to a whole new level!

TIP- if you love the modern look, then you can purchase the bistro set, the rug, and the umbrella and use a solid color, like red or yellow, for the cushions.

Creating Privacy

DIY outdoor privacy screen


To solve the lack of privacy issue in my backyard, I decided to search for privacy screens, BUT every screen I looked at was over $100- who knew privacy screens were soooo expensive!? I had found one that I fell in LOVE with, but it was $129, so that was a no for me. With no affordable screen in sight, I decided to make one myself, and I think it turned out great! I will be sharing how I made the screen in another blog post, so be on the lookout for that!

*Update- click here for the instructions on how to make the diy privacy screen.

outdoor privacy screen


SOOO….you know how I was saying that there was one privacy screen that I found and fell in love with but it was too expensive? This (above) is the screen and it was an unplanned purchase as I had already made my own screens when I had saw this in the store and I was just about done with my makeover at this point. HOWEVER, when I walked into the outdoor section of the store, the first item I saw was my dream screen that I had seen online previously (with the $129 price tag-yikes!) and it was on SALE. Not only that, but the store was having a scratch and save promotion, so I ended up saving another $15 off of my purchase- yeeessss! Long story short, I took this as a sign to buy the screen and I don’t regret it! It definitely added more privacy to our backyard and fits in seamlessly with everything else!

A Closer Look

Black and white backyard decor


Vintage chic backyard decor


Rustic chic backyard decor


The backyard in the evening

Rustic chic backyard lights

Price Breakdown

Shopping towards the end of the season will save you lots of money, as the stores are usually clearing out their summer items near the end of July! I bought all of my decor items during the second and third week of July and found lots of great deals. Even if you aren’t planning to work on your outdoor space this year, it’s a great idea to stock up for next summer!

I got a ton of questions on Instagram regarding where I purchased everything, and as promised, here’s the list of all the items and their prices:

  • Tera Gear Cafe 3 piece woven bistro set from Superstore- originally $79, bought on sale for $59
  • Home Trends 7ft push up umbrella from Walmart- $48
  • Garden Treasures indoor/outdoor 5 X7 rug from Lowes- originally $40, bought on sale for $21
  • screen from Lowes- originally $129, bought on sale for $85
  • plant from Micheal’s- originally $100, bought on clearance for $30
  • green vine from Micheal’s- originally $25, used the 50% off coupon and paid $12.50
  • green wreath from Home Sense- originally $25, bought on sale for $20
  • gold leaf tray from Micheal’s- originally $25, bought on clearance for $10
  • gold candle holder from Home Sense- $25
  • Tera Gear outdoor lights from Superstore- $9.54 (not sure if this was the original price or a sale price, as there was no price sign where I picked them up from at the store)
  • Tera Gear patio cushions from Superstore- originally $12 or $15 , bought on clearance for $3 each
  • diy screens- the materials for each one would have been $23, but I ended up paying $18 per screen
  • GRAND TOTAL- $362.04 

Overall, I’m more than happy that I purchased all but two items at a lower than regular price and that I was able to create a backyard oasis for just over $350 when my budget was $500! I hope this makeover inspires you to decorate your space on a budget and gives you some ideas on how to create your own outdoor oasis!

A huge thank you to everyone on Instagram that answered my backyard design polls and to anyone that sent in inspo images and shared advice and tips- you all are amazing and it was so much fun creating this space with all of your input!

Peace and Prayers,

Sumaira Z

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Creating a backyard oasis on a BUDGET.

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  1. I LOVE how this turned out! So pretty and actually looks like a little oasis! That privacy screen and the price you got it at- wow! I’ve been looking for inspiration for decorating my patio, and this comes at a great time! So motivated now! 😄

    • Thank you so much, it really is so peaceful back there now! It was meant to be with the privacy screen, I’m so glad I ended up getting it because it was at the back of my mind for such a long time. Wishing you the very best for your backyard makeover xo

  2. Ma shaa Allah 😍 This looks amazing!!! I love how it turned out! And the colours!!
    ♡ ♡ ♡ Jazakallahu Khayr for sharing this with us 💟

  3. This post makes me sad I don’t have a backyard LOOOL masha’Allah I love everything that you did! I hope you enjoy tea and a good book out there!

  4. This is so lovely! Masha’Allah! I’ve been planning to decorate and set up my outdoor space too and this is very inspiring! Could you please share how you did the DIY privacy screen?

  5. wow – this is soo beautiful! I would love to try this out in our patio – we would need the privacy too, love the colours and set up!

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