I built this privacy screen for my deck, it was really easy to put together, each panel cost less than $20 to make, and it took me less than 10 minutes to build! 

easy DIY outdoor privacy screen

You don’t need any major tools for this project, and the result is not only beautiful, but also does the job of creating privacy for your deck.

 diy outdoor privacy screen


Here’s what you need to make this super easy privacy screen


  • metal trellis 
  • burlap
  • staple gun
  • needle and thread
  • sisal twine

You can find a metal trellis in any home and garden center, they come in many designs and heights, so make sure you purchase one that’s the right height for your deck- the one I purchased is a 72” arch trellis and was tall enough that when I attached it to my deck, I couldn’t see my neighbor’s backyard, thus creating the privacy I needed. A huge plus is that a trellis is quite inexpensive, mine was on sale for only $13.

You can also purchase the sisal twine from any home and garden center. As an alternative, you can use cable ties.


1. lay the trellis on the floor and measure the width where you want the burlap to be. Cut the burlap to that width plus 2 inches extra per side. Use any desired length.

2. Next, fold over the extra material and use a needle and thread to sew along the sides against the metal edges of the trellis to secure the burlap in place. You can also use a staple gun, but I found that sewing provided better results.

3. To further secure the burlap and to prevent it from slipping downwards, I stitched it on top, just above the metal bar. This has really helped with keeping the burlap in place, especially in the wind.

4. The part that was stitched will be the back part of the privacy screen. You can add any decor to the front of the screen, such as a green wreath or vine, like I did. To secure the privacy screen to your deck, use the sisal twine to tie the two ends of the screen to the railing of your deck.

That’s it, your privacy screen is now done! You can create as many screens as you need and use them side by side on your deck.

Tip- you can replace the burlap with any outdoor fabric to create a screen that fits in with your backyard decor.



My privacy screens have been up for about a week now, and have gone through wind and rain, but they still look amazing! Securing the screens using the twine has helped them to stay in place, as they haven’t budged at all! I also secured the green wreath and vine to the screen using the sisal twine, and they too have stayed in place. All in all, I’m very pleased with how they have held up and with how they look!

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