Thinking of hosting an Eid Open House this year? Here are 5 tips to make it easier for you! 

Selecting a day for the event

You may want to consider selecting a day other than Eid to host your Eid Open House. From experience, I know that Eid day is a busy one with going for Eid prayer in the morning and spending time with family and friends for the rest of the day. So, if you were to host your Open House on the same day of Eid, you most likely won’t have the energy as compared to hosting it on another day.

An alternative would be to host the Open House on the following weekend when things have settled down. This way, you won’t be exhausted on the day of the event and you’ll have more energy to set up and chat with your guests as well.


Print out your invitations using templates that are pre-made! I made this invitation on Canva using one of their Eid templates, it was quick and simple, and took me less than 3 minutes.

Eid Open House Invitation


I love serving quick and easy meals any time of the year, but especially when I’m hosting a special event like an Eid Open House. Chicken wings make a great appetizer, these ones are from Mina Halal! I like to serve the chicken wings with some veggies and dip, and even some cheese and crackers.

Mina Halal Chicken Wings

I love the idea of having a burger station where your guests can make their own burger of choice. For the burger patties, I put out the Mina Halal Tandoori burgers and the Mina Halal Beef Jalapeno burgers, they both taste amazing! For the toppings, you can have slices of red onion, pickle, lettuce, and tomatoes. As for condiments, I like to put out ketchup and mustard, and also cilantro chutney that goes well with the tandoori burgers!

Check out the other Mina Halal premade frozen products that can be used during an Eid Open House here, they carry a wide range of products that are sold at Walmart and at Save on Foods locations in Edmonton!

Mina Halal Tandoori Burgers

Mina Halal Tandoori Burgers

Mina Halal Tandoori Burgers


If you’re like me and find baking stressful (you can read all about why I feel this way here), then my tip would be to go out and buy the dessert instead of baking it yourself. This will save you time in the kitchen and it will be one less thing for you to do!

To give your store bought dessert that special Eid touch, just add a cake topper, like this one from Eid Party

Eid Party Cupcake Toppers


Sometimes when we think of decor, we think of going all out, but it doesn’t have to be this way! Get creative and use what you already have for your Eid Open House decor.

Eid Decor Ideas

I  added my lantern to the dining table, some star lights, and a simple chalkboard sign. All of these items were things I already had, so I didn’t have to spend more money on decor.

I hope you found these tips useful! Remember, the purpose of hosting an Eid Open House is share the joys of Eid with your loved ones and neighbours, so try not to over-do it and keep it as stress free as possible!

Wishing you all a blessed and happy Eid!

Peace and Du’as,

Sumaira Z


This post is sponsored by Mina Halal, however all opinions and ideas expressed are my own.

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