I recently shared a photo on social media of my daughter holding my niece and the response was incredible! Why? Because they were both wearing matching hats that were knitted by my daughter herself. In the caption, I mentioned how I felt nervous when my daughter told me that she wanted to learn how to crochet and knit. I was nervous because I know nothing about this hobby, so I slightly panicked!


I started to learn more about how to knit and crochet, so that I could help my daughter learn as well, but I gave up because it simply was not my thing! My daughter kept going though and eventually got the hang of it. I quickly learned that while I wasn’t able to learn this skill myself to help her, the next best thing for me to do was to support my daughter and encourage her to figure this out independently. It’s great to help our children when we can, but it’s equally rewarding when we teach them independence! 


In a short amount of time, my daughter learned how to crochet and knit, and has made several items. She started off by making squares, then scarves, mittens, and even hats! In fact, her goal for the summer was to make one hat and she ended up making over 7! Her next project is to learn how to make a sweater, and so far she is doing great!


Since sharing my daughter’s journey of getting into this hobby, I have had many messages from parents asking me for advice on how they can help support their children when it comes to discovering their talents and teaching them independence in learning new skills. So, today I will be sharing how I encouraged my daughter and what I did to support her along the way.

How to help your child learn a new skill independently and support them along the way!


Let them explore

Find out what interests your children and let them explore this subject further. For example, if they enjoy reading and writing, take them to the library so they can take out books for reading and examining different writing styles. Take it further, and allow them to join a reading club (or even let them start one themselves) where they can have a discussion of the books with others their age. 

Furthermore, let your children watch video tutorials (with your supervision), or take out books and DVDs from the library that have more information on the subject they are interested in learning more about. If you know experts in the subject, arrange a meeting with them to learn from them firsthand! For my daughter, she is a visual learner so seeing step by step photos and watching videos worked for her!

There are also classes you can enroll your children in, so they can dive into the activity they are keen on learning about and discover whether or not they want to pursue this as hobby or not.


Give them access to resources

Make resources available to your children. For instance, if your children like sports, buy them the equipment they need to play the sport or take them to a recreation centre that has what they need to play.


When it came to my daughter, we went together to buy supplies from the craft store. Initially, she bought very few items, but once she knew this was something she was committed to, she slowly added to her yarn collection and purchased more crochet hooks and knitting needles. 


Be your children’s BIGGEST cheerleader (this point is the most important!)


NEVER tell your children they are wasting time by pursuing a hobby, for hobbies are key for brain development and personal growth. Always tell your children how proud you are of them and be there for them every step of the way. Your child will thank you for your love and they will always remember how you were there for them. 


Moreover, give your children time to enjoy their hobbies. For many children, hobbies aren’t just a way to pass time, but truly an activity that brings them internal peace and happiness! It’s not wasted time if your children are practising a hobby, in fact, it’s an activity that adds to their personal development and growth! 


I hope this blog post has been helpful! May all of our children discover their passion in life and may this passion bring them joy!

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