Sometimes, the BEST things for us in life are the HARDEST to do, and cause us discomfort and pain while we do them, but we NEED to do them regardless. Since September, I have been focusing on my physical and emotional health and I have to say that focusing on these two aspects of my life have been so difficult, yet the results have been INCREDIBLE!  

A mom of four shares her journey to getting stronger!


Physical health


I have never been a workout person, and even now, it takes me a tremendous amount of effort to workout at home or attend a fitness class. I know for some people, exercising gives them so much energy, but for me, it makes me tired afterwards to the point where I need a nap, and OMG is my body ever sore after a good workout! I know that with time my body will adjust and maybe I won’t feel so tired and sore anymore, but that day hasn’t come yet.


Attending a fitness class also leaves me with less time to complete my mom duties, I feel so rushed that day! Sometimes, my fitness classes are around my two year old’s nap time, so that means he will miss his nap the day I go to a class, which ruins the rest of the day for all of us. If you’re a parent you know the harsh results of your little one missing a nap- it’s a nightmare! I mean, I’m talking about more than the usual amount of tantrums for the rest of the day, and the worst case scenario is when my toddler falls asleep at 5pm and then stays up all night!


With all that said, I still attend the fitness classes whenever I can and still try to workout at home and practise the exercises that my physical therapist showed me. My main concerns with my body are my diastasis recti and my back, and I know that these two issues will only get better if I take action. So, no matter how much of a challenge it is, I’m going to do the exercises one way or the other!

Taking steps towards better physical health


Emotional Health


Emotionally, I have been trying to figure out my anxiety triggers, and as a result, my mind can’t stop thinking of my past childhood trauma. It’s been mentally draining for me to have flashbacks of my past, as it’s something I want to forget about and just move on from. But, I can’t. I mean, why now? Why, all of the sudden is my mind redirecting me to my past and why am I doing this to myself? Because I need to. It’s as simple as that. The truth is that I need to work on recovering from my trauma instead of trying to live with it and carry around my pain where ever I go in life. So, even though it’s a painful process, I’m going to do it; I’m going to work on becoming an emotionally stronger person!


A major step I have taken is reaching out to others and talking about my pain. This has been the most hardest thing to do (yes, even more difficult than working out!) and has taken me so much courage! I was never the person to freely and openly discuss even my day to day emotions, much less my painful memories. When you start to even think about your past, the pain resurfaces and you automatically begin to relive those agonizing moments, which sucks big time. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a good thing, that talking about it will make me feel better, and truly, it really does!

For years, I lived with extreme anxiety, which left me unable to communicate to even those I saw on a daily basis. It took me so long to become the person I’am today, but at the same time, I have a lot of work to do in order for me to be my strongest. But, I’m ready for this journey towards healing to start!


Tip- Something that has been helping me with stress and getting out my anger (that exists because of my past) is working out! I recently started using the medicine ball at the gym and OMG it feels so good to slam that ball hard, it’s like I’m slamming all that pain, stress, and anger away! I guess it’s a win win when you are able to work on your physical and emotional health at the same time!


Taking steps towards better emotional health

I’m going to end this by mentioning that putting myself first at the age of 33 years old and as a mom of four is something I NEED to do, no matter how demanding it is on my schedule and body! I deserve to be strong (physically and emotionally), and I deserve happiness. Moreover, my children deserve a strong and happy mama that is a positive role model who shows them it’s never too late to take that life changing step towards self-improvement.
So, if you are on the fence about taking action to better yourself, I encourage you to do it. It may be hard, it may bring on tears, and you may be exhausted physically and emotionally, but do it and continue with it anyways! The best things in life are worth the pain and the fight. You deserve to be the absolute best version of yourself, so fight until you get there!

12 comments on “My Journey To Better Physical and Emotional Health”

  1. I love this so much Sumaira. There are things we go through in life and unfortunately they haunt us all the time but fortunately they make us stronger. So proud of you!!!

  2. This was so relatable Sumaira, I too have discovered past trauma causes my angry outbursts today. Ive read hypnotherapy can be a quiker way of getting you to move on from past trauma. I pray your journey of self healing is made easier day by day. 💜💜

  3. I loved how honest you were hun! It is so true, sometimes facing our childhood traumas will really help us to accept and move on from them. On a side note, I really need to get back to exercising too hehe.

  4. Good for you, I know it can be mentally and emotionally draining when working on your past emotions, but you are right once you deal with all the hurt and pain you can move forward. Thanks for sharing

  5. You’re a strong one, Sis. So keep up the fight to reclaim your physical and emotional health.

    I started my own journey of wellness on 2nd December and I’m totally loving it. 💃

    Treating our whole body well and nourishing them with the natural things is the best. We are going to give an account of how we used them because they’re Amana from our Lord.

  6. This is such an important and much neglected aspect of our lives. I too need to make peace with my past so that it doesn’t affect my present. As you mentioned it’s very important that we take care ourselves first so that we are fit enough to take care of our families.

  7. Health is a journey and celebrate the wins when you have them! I’ve also been trying to heal my body from anxiety and exercise is such good medicine….if I can get myself off the couch! lol thanks for the inspiring post and best of luck to your journey! <3

  8. You’ve written something very much relatable to me. Like you as well, working out makes me feel so much better. I feel that I have so much energy and emotionally feel quite balanced (which is not my norm). I hope you a well journey and may you get to whatever goals you wish and work for. Indeed our littles always want a strong mum to look up to.
    P.s you look amazing mashallah and so much younger than 33.

  9. You got this! 💪🏻 Ma shaa Allah great article. Maintaining a stable physical and mental health is so important and we fail at this badly at times… Fight until you get there! <3

  10. The time I felt the best both emotionally and physically was when I was going to the gym….as soon as I stopped I could tell the difference.

    Hoping to get back into it soon.

    Good luck with your healing journey!

  11. Thank you for sharing and providing the motivation…I am also never an exercise person…InshaAllah i will try to be in routine for this from now….

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