Kindness and community involvement are two things we should practice year-round, but with Ramadan just around the corner, let’s make more of an effort to up our game in these areas! Today, I’m sharing 10 ways you and your family can practice acts of kindness this Ramadan and ways you can get involved in your community to make a positive difference!

1. Create and sell items for charity

Use your talents to create items and then sell them with the proceeds going to a local charity! These items can be crocheted clothing or accessories, jewellery, baked goods, art prints, handmade soap, and etc.

This is a great way to get your children involved too, as they can also create items and sell them!

2. Put together food baskets for the food bank

Either go through your pantry or go grocery shopping and put together non-perishable food items to donate to your local food bank.  Items you can put in the food baskets are granola bars, juice boxes, cans of tuna, dry pasta and pasta sauce, and so on.

3. Invite others over for iftar

Reach out to those who don’t have family and friends within the community and invite them over for iftar. There could be some Muslims that have moved from another city into your neighbourhood, or reverts who may feel lonely during Ramadan; inviting these individuals over is a great way to make them feel included within the community! 

Tips on how to make your iftar less stressful:

-Ask those who are coming if they have any food allergies and avoid making foods with those ingredients.

-Stick to easy and quick meals that can be prepared with ease! Two of my favourite and go-to meals are the Mina Halal Tandoori Burgers and the Mina Halal Tandoori bites that can be served with rice! I love that that I don’t have to cut any meat and sanitize the cutting board, all I have to do is cook these products in little bit of oil, and that’s it! So simple and quick!

-Prep any food the night before! I usually chop vegetables and make my sweet dishes the night before I have guests over.

-Have your children help you set up the table! Children love to help out and feel responsible, so delegating tasks to them is a great way for them to feel like they are important and a part of the iftar set-up!

4. Donate books, clothes, toys

Have your children help you with sorting out their belongings. Donate any clothing items that don’t fit anymore, in addition to toys and books that are no longer being used, to your local shelters. Other items you can donate are backpacks, socks, winter gear, coats, and art supplies! Make sure you tell your children where these gently used items will be going so that they know they are helping out others.

5. Plant trees in your neighbourhood

Check with your city to see if there are programs where you can plant trees in your neighbourhood! Planting trees is a great way to teach your children about being kind to the environment and to care for their city.   

12 ways to make a difference this Ramadan


6. Clean up your neighbourhood 

Another great way to practice kindness towards the environment is to clean up the local parks in your area. Make this a family activity by having your children help out! Other ways you can help clean your city clean is by recycling and reusing items so that less items end up in the landfills.

7. Reaching out to neighbours

There are so many ways to help out your neighbours and to spread kindness in your neighbourhood, for example if you see your neighbour struggling with bringing in groceries, then help them out! If you see something that can harm your neighbour, like a piece of glass or a nail on their driveway, then remove it. You can also shovel their snow for them in the winter or if they are planning to go on a trip somewhere, you can volunteer to water their outdoor plants or grass. 

8. Volunteer your time

Volunteering your time is invaluable and something that can greatly benefit your community! Here are some examples of how you can make a difference by volunteering:

  • Visiting seniors- often times, seniors feel lonely, so taking the time out of your day to visit them (in their homes or in a senior centre)  is sure to put a smile on their faces! You can go on walks with seniors, read to them, play board games with them and so on!
  • Read to children at the library
  • Make meals for the homeless shelter
  • Help out at a fundraiser event
  • Volunteer at community events (such events can be found on your city website, such as the Edmonton site here).

9. Give someone from your community a ride to the mosque

There may be Muslims in your community that do not have access to a vehicle or don’t have their license to drive, so offering a ride to the mosque for Taraweeh or for Jummah prayer would be a friendly gesture! Plus, think of all the reward you would be getting!

10. Get involved with your local Mosque

Help set up an activity centre at your mosque for children to keep them busy while their parents pray, you can bring in children books and puzzles, as well as some toys to create this space. Another act of kindness you can participate in at the mosque is to help set up an iftar and clean up afterwards!

Ramadan Random Acts of Kindness


I pray this Ramadan is filled with many blessing and peace for you and for your family!


This post is sponsored by Mina Halal, however all tips and opinions are my own.

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  1. JazkaAllah Khair, these are some really great ways to become more actively involved during Ramadan. Thanks for taking the time to put them together and sharing

  2. Such great tips for the blessed month. Alhamdulillah. Jazakallahu Khayr for sharing this with us! Even little acts means a lot and multiplies. 💞

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