Some of my Ramadan nights were spent in me pouring out my soul to Allah, where I would ask for help for myself and for my loved ones, where I would transform my pain into a powerful dua that would heal my wounds.

Other nights, I just listened to the evening rain droplets hitting my window and taking in the miracles of Allah in moments of peace.

Then, there were nights where warm tears would stream down my cheeks in remembrance of those beautiful souls who left this duniya during this holy month of blessings.

What about those nights when I thought my heart would burst with love upon reflection of how blessed and loved I truly was? Those nights were very much needed.

Of course, I can’t forget those nights where my body was too weak to move, but I made my imaan climb so high with the remembrance of Allah through dhikr.

And oh, there were nights were I spoke to Him in deep and meaningful conversations, thanking Him for absolutely everything, even my hardships because it is those very hardships that have given me unbreakable strength for life.

Some nights were all about dua, or remembrance, and others about reflection, but every night bought a sense of peace that no other night in any other month brings.

Dear Ramadan, you came as a visitor for our hearts and imaan, please do not leave us without transforming us for the better!

Sumaira Z

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