Ramadan is just around the corner and I haven’t decorated our home yet, nor have I prepped any meals. But, you know what? I’m okay with this!

what to do if you haven't prepared for Ramadan!

Why I haven’t prepared for Ramadan this year

This year, I have been busy with attending my fitness classes and going to my therapy appointments, trying to keep up with the daily and weekly household chores, chasing after my toddler along with keeping my other three children alive (feeding them and making sure they don’t “die” of boredom can be challenging haha!) that even putting up a Ramadan Mubarak banner hasn’t happened yet. But it’s okay because I know that once Ramadan comes around, there will be many blessings and ease that come with it!

The reality

The reality is that there are many individuals like me, we are all trying to maintain our households, some of us are students, some of us are parents, some of us are working, some of us are even all of the above! Not to mention, that some of us are getting sick or were sick, or have children that are sick, so we lack the energy to get even the basic tasks done. Our busy lifestyles and the unexpected events simply don’t allow us the time to meal prep, thoroughly clean and organize the home, nor decorate, but that’s OKAY.

Finally, there are some of us that are going through mental health issues right now and the thought of decorating gives us anxiety, so we are intentionally keeping it to a minimum or not doing it at all. Again, this is OKAY.

With Ramadan comes ease

It’s the same story every year for me, I always feel rushed and slightly stressed in the days leading up to Ramadan, but once Ramadan comes, my heart and soul are put at ease. I know that whether my home is decorated or not, the blessings will still come and my heart aches for these blessings every year.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE decor, especially Ramadan and Eid decor- it makes my heart dance every time I see a home beautifully decorated for Ramadan and Eid and gets me so excited! This is why I do at least put up a banner every year (and do more if I can!) but I also know that I may not have time to go all out every year, and I also know that this won’t affect my ibadah during Ramadan.

How to make it work

If you’re like me and haven’t prepared much for Ramadan, then the best thing you can do is KEEP IT SIMPLE. Keep your suhoor and iftar meals simple so you are spending less time in the kitchen during Ramadan and more time reading the Quran. Simplify your life by finding ways you can incorporate ibadah into your daily routine i.e listening to an Islamic lecture for that imaan boost while you wash the dishes, and reciting dhikr in the car while you drive. Simplify your schedule by turning down anything that is not necessary and that will take away time from allowing you to get closer to Allah subahu wa ta’ala.  Simplify, simplify, and simplify!

You don’t have to prepare to get closer to Allah

Remember that it doesn’t take any preparation for you to read the Quran during Ramadan, you simply have to open one up and start reading. You don’t have to prepare to do dhikr, you simply have to do it! Moreover, there is no prep work involved when it comes to giving to charity and to being kind towards your neighbours, friends, and family members this Ramadan. Likewise, you don’t have to prepare yourself in making dua to Allah subahu wa ta’ala and pouring your heart out to Him on your prayer mat, and nothing can prepare you for the tears that fall from your eyes after listening to a beautiful recitation of the Quran. There is nothing that can truly prepare us for the blessings of this beautiful month, we just have to take it all in and savour each second of it while we can! 

So for those of who are like me and haven’t prepared your home for Ramadan, please don’t think you won’t have a blessed Ramadan, for the blessings, peace, and ease will still come, as they do every year! May this be our best Ramadan yet!


Peace and duas,

Sumaira Z

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