As a mom of four children, I’m always on the lookout for educational products that will benefit my family. So, when I came across Thinkernation and their Arabic puzzles, I knew I had found something special! Not only are these puzzles made from high quality materials- which is important, so that they last through FOUR kids- but they are also a fun and creative way for children to learn the Arabic language and alphabet!

Continue reading below to find reviews of both puzzles and the top 10 reasons why I LOVE them!

Arabic Spell and Learn

My children and I have been wanting to learn Arabic together for a while now, so when we received the Arabic Spell and Learn puzzle by Thinkernation, it was perfect timing! My children were amazed by the colorful pictures on each wooden plate, and when they realized that these plates came with Arabic letters, they got even more excited! All they wanted to do was to dive right in and start playing with the puzzle!

More information on this puzzle

-This puzzle comes with 12 self-correcting double sided plates that are color coded to delineate beginning/middle/end letter forms
-There are 24 commonly used Arabic words with images of the words in this package
– These plates contain transliteration to aid non native speakers or learners who do not have the benefit of a teacher
-The entire family can enjoy this puzzle together
-This puzzle is a great way to build your Arabic vocabulary and to learn how to spell in Arabic!
-Another way to use this puzzle is to have your children trace the Arabic word with their fingers
*Tip- Families interested in other languages can cover the English word with label paper printed with the corresponding word in their choice of language like Spanish, Urdu, etc.

Arabic Alphabet Puzzle


”WOW!” was the first word that popped out of the mouths of my children when they initially saw this puzzle, I think they were taken aback by the bright and cheery colorful Arabic letters! As a mother, there is no greater joy than to see a huge smile on your child’s face, and that is exactly what I saw when I looked over at my children!

More information on this puzzle

-Montessori inspired puzzle
-Comes with a sturdy wooden board and all Arabic letters that are defined in shape and attached with nukhta for tactile learning.
-Chalkboard at the back of the board
-Bonus learning guide covering numbers,colors, and letter names in Arabic

-Color coding of the letters allows sorting, grouping, and counting ( i.e there are  7 green letters, 6 blue letters, 5 yellow letters, 4 red letters, 3 orange letters, 2 pink letters, 1 brown letter)
Tip*- Children can use these Arabic letters with play-dough to make letter impressions, they can also be used for building, stamping, color matching, and mystery bag activities ( guess what letter you’re touching)!

10 Reasons Why I LOVE these

Thinkernation Arabic puzzles

1. Great for children that are visual learners
2. Children can learn Arabic with a hands on approach
3. These puzzles are not intimidating or overwhelming for beginners
4. Letter recognition is a focus
5. Makes learning Arabic fun and creative
6. You can use these puzzles on their own or in addition to other materials like books and videos.
7. Sturdy, great quality, and well made with non toxic materials
8. Amazing gifts already beautifully packaged
9. Bright and colorful pieces that keep children engaged in the puzzles
10. Investment items that you can pass down to future generations
These puzzles are amazing for parents and guardians looking to teach their children Arabic, and are also great for Islamic teachers, daycare and day-home providers, and anyone looking for a special gift for a child! 
You can purchase these puzzles on the Thinkernation website, use the code ‘sumairaz10’ for 10% off one product and ‘sumairaz20’ for 20% off the purchase of two or more puzzles! You can also find Thinkernation products on Amazon!
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These items were sent for review, however, all opinions expressed are purely my own.

10 comments on “Thinkernation Arabic Puzzles Review”

  1. We have both puzzles and we love it. I take it to the kids “Sunday” school so other kids get a chance to play with it and benefit from it without being worried that they will ‘destroy’ it 😉

  2. This is so cool and colorful. I am sure kids will love it. I think this will make a great pass time, during Ramadan, while learning at it. I will check if it’s available here. So I can give as Ramadan gift to the kids in my family. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. MashaAllah! These puzzles look amazing I am always on the look out for educational toys for my kiddo, just started off with the Arabic alphabet board similar to the one mentioned here. Need to check if thinkernation ships to Qatar and I am sure my kiddo will love it.

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