Why you NEED to go on a MOMcation!

Right after I came back from my MOMcation, I started working on and completed a project, that I have been wanting to do for two years, in ONE DAY.

Let. That. Sink. In.

This is just one of the benefits of going on a MOMcation and below I’m sharing more! 


Last December, my sister surprised me with a trip to Fiji (you can read all about it here), and it was life changing! It was the first time I had left my four children behind, so I was nervous before I left, but as soon I got to the airport, I knew this was exactly what I needed!

As I mentioned, one of the benefits of going on a MOMcation is being more productive when you come back. In my case, I felt stressed and overwhelmed with my numerous to-do lists that kept getting longer and longer by the day. However, after I came back from my vacation, my mind was clear and decluttered and I felt motivated to get things done! I finally decided to work on a personal project of mine that I have been putting off for two years and not only did I start it, but I completed it!

It wasn’t that the project was a time consuming one (afterall, I was able to get it done in a day), but just the thought of starting it would cause me stress- on top of the stress I already had as being a mom of four! However, when I went away on vacation, I noticed that my mind wasn’t racing with all the things I had to get done, it just had a chance to be still and calm, and I know this is the reason I came back as a more productive person!

Stepping away from the routine

I cannot tell you how amazing it was to NOT pick up the kids from school, change diapers, broom, clean bathrooms, do laundry, and the list goes on! When you’re a mom, you’re constantly doing the same things over and over again until you them so much that you don’t even realize you’re doing them. These chores become a part of you and take up most of your time, so it was refreshing to have time to myself and not do things for others for a change. Moreover, I took a break from blogging and social media, so I wasn’t stressed out about meeting deadlines and I was able to be fully present and enjoy my time away!


A break for everyone

Initially, I had this fear my children would not survive without me, that they would stop eating and not sleep. I was even afraid they would resent me for leaving them. But guess what? Not only did they survive, but they had a great time with their dad and their aunties! Not only was it a nice break for me to get away from the kids, but it was great for the kids too! We both realized that we could survive without each other and have fun in the process!


More sleep!

Ahhhh, this is a big one! For the first time in 6 years, I slept in my own bed and slept a solid 8 hours each night for a week! It felt incredible! I have been co-sleeping with my sons for the past 6 years, so it was wonderful to have an entire bed, as well as all the fluffy pillows, all to myself!


A happier mom!

When I came back, I was a much happier mom! As much as I had a great time while I was away, I missed my kids and couldn’t wait to see them and hug them again! I was ready to jump back into my mom duties and it was a seamless jump back! My kids were more appreciative of me and me being away from them made them realize how much I do for them. Not only that, but people I knew kept telling me how I had this glow and how they could sense a change in my mood. Needless to say, I was a happier individual!


Ever since I shared my MOMcation story on my instagram account last year, so many of you mamas have messaged me to tell me you’re motivated to go on one yourself- which is amazing! If you have been on the fence about going on a MOMcation, then I would highly encourage you to go and do this for yourself! Your mind, body, and soul will thank you for it- and so will your kids! 

Peace and Love,

Sumaira Z

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